Miracle Service, an industry leading service management software system created by Nexent Innovations, aimed to refocus and refine their marketing strategy and supporting tactics to encourage increased customer retention and support new customer acquisition.


Clearly define the product offering and refine corporate branding. Improve their online presence and search engine ranking through analysis of current Google AdWords campaigns and website analytics.


Upon detailed analysis of Miracle Service's product offering and online analytics, Tangent was able to segment their services based on standard and optional modules, making it easier for current customers and prospects to understand.

By simplifying the service offering, Tangent was able to provide Miracle Service with a cleaner corporate brand and consistent marketing message.

From there, Tangent developed a new website with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns utilizing Google AdWords, as well as improvements to email marketing campaigns for both current and prospective clients. The Tangent team also rebuilt a corporate brochure and various industry-focused advertisements.

What They're Saying...

"The Tangent team has developed for us fresh new corporate branding with more streamlined messaging which they have incorporated into our marketing materials and communications. Working with various members of the team, we have found their work to be excellent both individually and as a collaborative team. Not only do they deliver on their promised delivery dates, they do so with great accuracy and within budget.

What we appreciated most about working with the Tangent team is their great attention to detail and their ability to deliver the expected results and then some."
Robert Sombach, VP Development